About the company

B.K.S. Company Komerc DOOEL, Skopje, Macedonia and B.K.S. Sh.P.K Prishtina, Kosovo were established in 2011. From the very beginning our goal was to impose high quality raw materials, repro-materials and additives for the food and confectionery industry and, recently, functional raw materials for the chemical industry – an industry for the production of personal hygiene products, detergents and cleaning products for households and institutions.

In addition to delivering quality materials, we help our clients with expert advice and consultations both, through our employees and through the professional services of our partners we represent and whose products we distribute.

We carry out all our activities and services through our companies and warehouses – B.K.S. Company Komerc  DOOEL import-export with offices in Skopje, Macedonia and B.K.S. Sh.P.K with its headquarters in Prishtina, Kosovo.

B.K.S. Company Komerc and B.K.S. Sh.P.K are authorized distributors of several renowned companies from Europe, Malaysia, China and India for the markets of Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania.