Application in the manufacturing industry:

Chocolate and chocolate dressings, chocolate products and cocoa creams,

Biscuits and products related to biscuits, tea cakes and integral biscuits, honey cookies and related products of honey cookies and skittles

Dough for cakes and muffins



Candy products, hard candy, caramel, soft candy, jelly candy, liqueur candy, dried candies, compromised products, licorice candies and chewing gums

For this purpose, from our range we can offer:

Fats and margarines – high quality fats and margarine of renowned producers from Europe and Malaysia for the production of sponge dough, waffles, chocolates (lauric and non-lauric grease for chocolate production) and cocoa creams

Sugars and starches

Preservatives and hydrocolloids

Stabilizers and emulsifiers

Cocoa powder and ready-made chocolate and fruit fillings for croissants, praline, muffins and biscuits

Fruit powder, granules and slices

Natural and artificial colors

Natural and nature- identical aromas