Chemical products

Chemical industry for the production of personal hygiene products, detergents and cleaning products:

Applications in the manufacturing industry:

Personal hygiene products for children and adults – liquid and hard soaps, shampoos, baths, shower gels, lotions, eau de toilette, perfumes, deodorants

Cosmetics for children and adults – various creams, lotions and other hair care products, face and body, sunscreen

Detergents and products for household cleaning – liquid detergents for hands and dishwashers, liquid and powder detergents for hands and washing machines, softeners for laundry, glass cleaning agents, universal cleaning agents and degreasers for work surfaces , furniture and floors in the household, cleaning and removing of limescale and other impurities in toilets and bathrooms

Means for washing and cleaning of public spaces and institutions – supermarkets, shopping centers, public institutions, hospitals, schools, catering facilities, public toilets and similar

Technical applications – means for washing, cleaning and maintenance of external and internal surfaces of cars

Air fresheners

 For these applications, to our clients we offer:

High quality fragrances from the range of CURT GEORGI GmbH & Co., Germany, manufactured according to the highest technology and standards that meet the requirements of the cosmetics and personal hygiene industry for children and adults as well as the detergent and cleaning industry

Innovative active materials and additives based on materials from the sea and herbal extracts, produced according to cutting edge technology, and for the needs of the cosmetics and the personal hygiene industry

Raw materials and surface-active substances and their brands used in all types of personal care products, household and household cleaners, institutions and industry from Dow Corning, Akzo Nobel and CAO Chemicals, and through our partner Checoma EOOD.