Business partners

 Curt Georgi  is a renowned German manufacturer of aromas, fragrances and cigarette additives.

The company was founded in 1875 by Curt Robert Georgi in Leipzig, Germany and has over 140 years of experience and quality in the aroma and fragrance industry. The company is still family owned.

Today, the headquarters in Boeblingen, near Stuttgart, with production plants covering an area of 5,500 square meters. Curt Georgi collaborates with representatives on all continents and provides fast and reliable delivery in more than 60 countries around the world


Candy Cocoa from Serbia is a long-time producer of high-quality natural and alkalized cocoa powder and as a proven cocoa powder producer it meets all specific needs and requirements.

The company’s motto is quality, safety and fast delivery.

Since 1995 they have been constantly developing and improving the production of the “Candy Subotica” (cocoa powder) and are gaining new customers with delicious and quality products.

Their offer is natural and alkalized as a powder and a wide variety of different cocoa powder depending on the need for production.

CheCoMa from Bulgaria is an agency for consulting in the chemical industry, distribution of special chemicals for cosmetics, personal hygiene products and household hygiene products.

The motto of the company is correctness and competence

Design  is one of the largest manufacturers of fruit preparations in the region: toppings, fruit fillings, fruit pastes and other products for the needs of the ice cream industry, baked goods industry, soft drinks industry and HoReCa.

The production plant is located in Knjazevac, about 300 km southeast of Belgrade. The proximity of the orchard provides a quality base of fruit necessary for the production process, with high quality raw materials.

The company’s headquarters, sales and marketing are located in Belgrade.

“Desing Srbija” registers all of its fruit products as FruitRevolution © and their products have found their way into markets across Southe

AAK” manufacturer from Sweden with 140 years experience in innovating and adjusting solutions based on vegetable oils and fats for the needs of the food industry, confectionery industry and cosmetics (we are authorized to distribute “AAK” products only on the Kosovo market)

“AAK” is the first choice for customers whose production relies on high-quality vegetable oil solutions and add value to the product. “AAK” is one of the leading manufacturers of specialties and semi-special vegetable oils and fats.